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Emblam Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)
Government of India
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The programme aims to create effective awareness in various levels (of society) to reduce the adverse impact on environment and health arising out of the polluting technologies used in recycling e-waste in the unorganized sector.


The charter for this programme is to bring together the triad of public, government and industry to adopt responsible measures for Sustainable electronics that is responsive to environmental needs. This needs proactive policy formation and mass deployment that would be the focus area.








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Activities Across India

School Activity in Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

Date: 23/11/2019, Stakeholder: School, Venue: Government Senior Secondary School, City: Shimla, Participants: 320

School Activity in Delhi

Date: 23/11/2019, Stakeholder: School, Venue: Lt. Col. Mehar Little Angels Senior Secondary School, City: Delhi, Total Strength: 1600

School Activity in Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

Date: 22/11/2019, Stakeholder: School, Venue: GGIC School, City: Dehradun, Participants:  700

School Activity in Ahmadabad (Gujarat)

Date: 22/11/2019, Stakeholder: School, Venue: Kanera Vidhyalaya Gujarati Medium School, City: Ahmedabad, Participants: 450

School Activity in Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Date: 22/11/2019, Stakeholder: School, Venue: Goblaj Vidhyalaya Gujarati Medium School, City: Ahmedabad, Participants: 300


  • Promoting electronics and electronics manufacturing sector in India has been a key focus of our Government. The digital economy, including electronics sector, is an important driver of the Indian economic growth story. Electronics has not only been a tool for doing business and for enhanching ease of living.more

    Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad
    Honourable Minister, Law & Justice, Communications, Electronics & IT
  • Electronic products have become an integral part of our daily life for providing comfortable, easier and faster lifestyle, which on the other hand has created huge challenge of discarded end-of-life products, i.e. electronic waste (e-waste). Major cities are generating tons of e-waste more

    Shri Ajay Sawhney
    Secretary, MeitY
  • “We really appreciate the efforts of MeitY- very carefully planned and executed thereby increasing the awareness of e-waste. Will go a long way in  a more responsible disposal of the electronic waste by all stakeholders  thereby positively impacting the environment”

    Mr. Vivek Seigell
    Principal Director, ICT Electronics Committee, PHDCCI
  • MEITY’s Initiative is aimed at raising awareness amongst relevant stakeholders on the costs of inappropriate recycling and the avenues for environment friendly management of e-waste. Over the last two years, it is well on its way achieve that purpose.

    Ashish Chaturvedi
    Director, Climate Change, GIZ India
  • GreenE website has been created to disseminate information about the ill-effects of e-waste recycling at informal sectors and associated hazards to environment and health of the operators.This initiative is conducive to create awareness amongst the common citizen.I welcome all to use this website as well as give your feedback for improving the Programme.

    Shri Arvind Kumar
    GC, MeitY
  • E-waste is creating serious challenges to our society with its growing volume and also lack of awareness. MeitY’s E-waste awareness programme aims to educate about hazardous effects of e-waste on environment and health. GreenE website will provide knowledge on the alternate methods of e-waste disposal through environment friendly recycling practices.

    Dr. Sandip Chatterjee
    Director, MeitY
  • “MeitY has done a commendable job in creating e-waste awareness across key stakeholders i.e., public, government and industry through its policies and proactive initiatives favouring the environment. MeitY’s efforts on e-waste have always been reliable, efficient and responsive, we must strive to sustain it.”

    Manish Sharma
    President, CEAMA
  • MeitY has managed to create a single national program that has the capability to transform E-waste management in India.With a firm belief in circular economy,this program in its first phase managed to create unprecedented awareness.As it progresses further,I am confident it will be revolutionary.All stakeholders must make the best use of this platform.

    Anwar Shirpurwala
    Former CEO, MAIT