Workshop with Stakeholders in Panjim (Goa)

A) School

  • Auxilium high school, Taleigao –Number of Participants:270
  • Our Lady of the Rosary Higher Secondary school (Green Rosary), Dona Paula-Number of Participants: 390
  • Santo Miguel high school, Taleigao- Number of Participants:234
  • Sharada Mandir high school, Miramar- Number of Participants:390
  • Zero waste for North Goa primary teachers- Don Bosco, Panjim- Number of Participants: 72
  • Zero waste for south Goa primary teachers- Big Foot, Loutolim- Number of Participants: 58
  • Don Bosco High School, Panjim- Number of Participants: 720
  • Talk with the North, Central and South Goa teachers- Number of Participants: 331

B) College

  • Saraswat College , Mapusa- Number of Participants:74
  • Government Polytechnic Goa (GPP) , Altinho-Number of Participants: 150
  • Government Polytechnic Goa (GPP) , Altinho  Attended by: FoodTechnolofy, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Instrumnetation, Electrical Engineering, PPI office, Stores Section, Gymkhana Watchmen- Number of Participants: 150
  • Government Polytechnic Goa (GPP) , Altinho  Attended by: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fabrication and Erection Engineering, Humanities, Maths and Science, Workshop, Library-Number of Participants: 140
  • Government Polytechnic Goa (GPP) , Altinho Attended by: Garment technology, Modern Office practices, Architectural Engineering, Establishment, Accounts, Students section, Exam Section, TPO, Maintanence Cell- Number of Participants: 132
  • Xavier’s College, Mapusa- BCA Students-  Number of Participants: 105
  • Saraswat College, Mapusa- BBA Students- Number of Participants: 52



  • Kamat Classic III – Number of Participants: 25
  • Milroc Retreat – Number of Participants: 45 
  • Pop it Up – Number of Participants : 500
  • Carpet of Joy – Number of Participants : 400
  • RWA’s at EDC – Number of Participants : 34
  • Street play at Margao Railway station – 3 performances(RWA and Students) – Number of Participants: 1000(800 students and 200 RWA’s)
  • Collection Drive(RWA and bulk consumners) – Number of Participants: 880


C) Bulk Consumers

  • SBI-Number of Participants: 54
  • Hospicio hospital, Margao- Number of Participants: 55
  • Healthway hospital, Old Goa-Number of Participants: 53
  • Country Inn – talk for all Panchayats- Number of Participants: 44
  • Yes Bank- Panjim – Number of Participants: 30
  • Creating a blue print towards sustainable management of E-Waste in Goa, Bulk Consumer workshop- Dona Paula-Number of Participants: 48


D) Refurbishers

Objective of the Activity/ Workshop: To spread awareness amongst the refurbishers about E-Waste Management.

Outcome: Interactive session by SushantFiguereido explaining the hazardous effects of E-Waste on the environment and humans.

Number of Participants: 52

Challenges faced: There was excessive light and hence the presentation was not clear. It was also a working day and hence no one wanted to miss his or her business and hence it was a floating crowd.


E) Dealers

Objective of the Activity/ Workshop: To spread awareness amongst the dealers about E-Waste Management.

Number of Participants: 72

Outcome: Syed Nasserudeen visited every dealer in Panjim personally and explained the ill effects of E-Waste and showed videos. Pamphlets were also distributed so that these can be give to their clients.

Challenges faced:Some dealers were not so welcoming and didn’t entertain during their business hours. The weather was also a major issue to commute. This activity is still going on.