Activity in Imphal (Manipur)

  • School Activity
  1. Praja High School ,Lamsang: 26th April 2017   (Number of Participants: 509)
  2. Bethel English School, Nambol : 13th May  2017  (Number of Participants: 1124)
  3. Meera Public School Mongsangei Imphal: 26th May 2017  (Number of Participants: 269)
  4. Standard Robert Higher Secondary School: 29th May 2017 ( Number of Participants: 361)
  5. Wangkhei High School, Wangkhei: 15th June 2017 ( Number of Participants: 347)


  • RWA Activity
  1. Date and Time of Activity: 29th April 2017 11:00 to 13:00
  2. Venue of the Meeting: Imphal Municipal Corporation Ward No.11 Office Keishamthong Keithel
  3. Target Stakeholders: College Students specially NSS Volunteers
  4. Number of Participants: 69 Localities including Local leaders

Objective of the Activity

To sensitized the RWAs and Localities about the health harzad of electronic-waste and motivating them for a sense of ownership of the issue of electronic-waste.


  • Refurbishers Activity

Date and Time of Activity: 5th to 10th June 2017

Area of coverages: Moirangkhom to Canchipur, Keishampat to Nambol, Wahengleikei to Tera, Uripok to Lamsang and North AOC to Lamlong Keithel.

Target Stakeholders: Refurbishers

Number of Participants: 203

Objective of the Activity

  1. To raise awareness among the students regarding environmentally sound e-waste management and establish a sense of ownership in dissemination of the hazardous effect or electronic waste in human and environment to their peers.
  • Dealers Activity
  1. Imphal and Greater areas: 4th July 2017 (Number of Participants: 222)
  2. Imphal and Greater areas: 5th July2017 (Number of Participants: 236)


  • Bulk Consumer Activity
  1. Imphal and Greater areas: 6th July2017 (Number of Participants: 174)
  2. Hindi Parishad old Assembly Road Imphal Manipur: 9th July 2017 (Number of Participants: 169)


  • Manufacturers Activity
  1. Imphal and Greater areas: 10th July 2017 (Number of Participants: 171)